Hi, my name is Alice. I like to write, edit, and find quality information. And I can help you. Here are my freelance services:

Editing – Substantive editing means making sure your prose is good from the ground up, from higher-level concerns (e.g. organization) to sentence-level concerns (grammar).

Proofreading – I’m going to go sentence-level here and make sure your prose is grammatically clean and sound.

Library and Archives Researching -A librarian by training, I’m going to get my information geekiness on. I research information (e.g. historical facts), search through old newspapers on microfilm, compile lists of books published on a topic, and search for photographs for publication. I didn’t spend over a hundred hours wandering through databases in my basic database searching class or invest two years in a master’s degree program for nothing.

Writing – My dream was to become a full-time writer. Eh, I suppose doing freelance writing and writing part time come close enough. Check out my writing samples in the portfolio and see for yourself.

I’ve done all of these as a freelancer before. I have edited dissertations and mass-market and academic books and provided research services for clients including Hula Moon Press, Mutual Publishing, Morris Visitor Publications, professors, and graduate students.

Here’s what I value: communication, collaboration, and customer satisfaction. That’s right; I want to make sure you’re happy with what I give you and how much you pay.

Interested? Drop a line in the Contact page.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your interest!

Check out my professional background through these links:



Library Blog

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